Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Point Blank at CINEBEATS

I really wanted to write something about Lee Marvin for the blog-a-thon in his honor today. I've had a piece in the works about Marvin and Mifune in Hell in the Pacific but it's just not ready.

Meanwhile, there is a great piece about my favorite Lee Marvin movie, Point Blank, over at the wonderful and funky CINEBEATS, a blog dedicated to only the coolest 60's and 70's movies imaginable. Check it out.


cinebeats said...

I really hope you write about Hell in the Pacific soon! It's a really terrific film. I think it's fascinating the studio changed the ending of the film and wouldn't let Marvin and Boorman end it like they originally wanted to. It's great movie that deserves more attention.

Ed Hardy, Jr. said...

Interesting. I don't know much about the production history of HELL IN THE PACIFIC. I was planning on writing about the film's use of a dual (or dueling) protagonists in relation to the star-images and character-types of Marvin and Mifune.

cinebeats said...

There's an interesting series of reviews with Lee on youtube which you can find by doing a search there. In one he talks a bit about the films he made with Boorman, including Hell in the Pacific which is worth a look.