Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Phil Hartman is reason enough to watch any mediocre comedy. But Greedy has Bob Balaban, Ed Begley, Jr., and Kirk Douglas in a wheelchair.


Burbanked said...

*sigh* You had me at the first 11 words.

And I understand your need - and premise - to be brief, but are you suggesting that Greedy is a good film or not? Because I never saw this upon its release in '94 (yep, had to look it up) and I can honestly say that I haven't given it another thought since.

Should I?

Ed Hardy, Jr. said...

Well, Burbanked, "mediocre" is the operative word in this little review. My point was that Phil Hartman's presence is enough to make me enjoy a film that is in the just-okay/not-so-great range, but not enough to actually elevate that film to a "good."

Is that clearer or even more muddled?

Burbanked said...

Nope, that's great! Thanks for the clarifier.