Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Daily Dose of DARJEELING

Those of you keeping a keen eye on Wes Anderson Month here at Shoot the Projectionist have probably noticed that the "Daily Dose of Darjeeling" feature has not actually been daily. This post does nothing to address that issue. In fact, it doesn't even feature a still from The Darjeeling Limited. However, it does feature Wes Anderson selling you American Express, which I never fail to enjoy, though I don't have very good credit.

Also, a blog called The Playlist has been running an interesting feature detailing the music of Wes Anderson films that are not found on the CD soundtrack releases.


Jonathan Lapper said...

"This post does nothing to address that issue."

I demand you address the issue - Now! Oh, okay you don't have to.

I love that commercial! When I first saw it last year I thought it was fantastic and haven't seen it again until now. Thanks for reminding me of it.

Ed Hardy, Jr. said...

You're welcome! I only had a chance to catch it on t.v. once, and that was before I even knew it existed, so it was quite a pleasant surprise. I love it for many reasons, chief among them being that Wes comes off like a jerk. God love Amex for spending the money on a double-length commercial.