Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ghoul, Ghost, Killer or Fiend of the Day: THE GUY JUDD NELSON PLAYED in "Relentless"

Killer Judd Nelson!

Bill Lustig, the man who brought you Maniac and Maniac Cop, directs Judd Nelson in Relentless. And let me tell me you: if you’ve never seen Judd Nelson hiding inside a clothes dryer waiting to strangle a chick to death with a venetian blind, you ain’t lived, brother.

(UPDATE: See the comments for shocking revelations regarding the utter inaccuracy of the above recommendation!)


Darren said...

That's just perfect. I haven't ever sat down to watch this but this morning when I was pretending to go to work I noticed that our copy of it had fallen off the shelf in the closet. Now your telling me I haven't even lived since I haven't seen it. Well.... I'll be back soon with my thoughts on the matter.

Stacie Ponder said...

How have I never seen this? It has everything!

darren said...

the woman was hiding in the drier and he strangled her with piano wire. I like your way better.

Ed Hardy, Jr. said...


Everything, apparently, except the scene I detail here. I haven't seen this movie in years but I've always told people about this great scene where Judd Nelson is in a victim's house and he chooses one of the venetian blinds, pulls it off the window, then hides in the clothes dryer waiting for her. Shoot the Projectionist Fact Checker Extraordinare Darren tells us, though, that he actually strangles a woman hiding in the dryer with a piano wire. Huh. I can remember it as clear as day my way.