Monday, October 15, 2007

Mummy of the Day: BUBBA HO-TEP

Killer, uh, mummy!

I was the only living soul who nominated this for the Willies List. I shouldn't've been surprised as the number of votes for horror parodies/comedies was not that high (especially after the list became known as "Flicks That Give You the Willies" and people started voting specifically for scares), but Shaun of the Dead made it, so wah wah wah goes Ed.

Anywho, I created the Top 5 Horror Comedies Willie Bonus Sub-List (I believe is what I called it) specifically to address this issue. And also so I could somehow vote for The Burbs and not feel like an UTTER boob. Just kind of a boob. (Link to my Burbs obsession here and here.)

Bubba Ho-Tep is the kind of movie that you can get almost any film geek to watch just by telling them the pitch: Ossie Davis plays JFK as an old black man. Bruce Campbell plays Elvis as old, fat Elvis. They meet in a nursing home. Then team up to fight a mummy. Do you really need to know anything else?


Neil Sarver said...

I unreservedly love this movie. I saw it with my friend, another Joe Lansdale fan, at the Seattle International Film Festival. We were absolutely psyched to see it and it at least lived up to our wildest hopes.

But I will acknowledge, it doesn't give me the willies or seem intended to scare. It's mostly a rather poignant drama about dealing with old age.

Darren said...

I think it might be worth mentioning that the Mummy sucks peoples souls out of their ass. That gives me the willies.

Jeremy Richey said...

I adore this film and thought about including it but, like Neil, it doesn't give me the willies.
What it does do is blow me over emotionally. No one has ever played Elvis with as much heart as Campbell does in this film. He is so brilliant and, as an Elvis fan, the film really chokes me up.
Plus it is hilarious and just kick ass all the way through..

Ed Hardy, Jr. said...

Jeremy: It is definitely about the performances and not the horror, but what are we, purists?