Monday, September 24, 2007

DARJEELING Dose, plus links

I'm hoping our 31 Greatest Horror Films list is different than one you could read in Entertainment Weekly. It can be eclectic, intelligent, and spotlight a lot of films that don't normally receive attention. We just have to vote for the right movies.

Here are a couple of great lists of underrated or otherwise off-beat title to get the juices flowing. Everyone knows The Exorcist and Halloween are great. Let's honor some other deserving films!

Cinebeats contributes 20 to the Eurotrash Pinnacle list here:

Sergio Leone and the In-Field Fly Rule--and the writer of all 5 Chucky movies--give us great lists of 13 underrated horror films here:

Also, DVD Panache posted another entry in the wonderful Wes Anderson series, It's In the Details, this one on Life Aquatic.

And here's your Daily Dose of DARJEELING:

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