Monday, September 3, 2007

Polish Film Poster of the Week (9/3-9/10)

This week: Working Girl (1988); artist: Andrzej Pagowski.

Ed's 2-Second Analysis: This is a classic example of a Polish film poster displaying an image that perfectly symbolizes the film in extremely heavy psychoanalytical terms.


Anonymous said...

Beginning in early 1989, Polish political opposition to communist rule began to consolidate into "the new center." As Tess learns Katherine's plan to steal her "big idea" to save the company from "foreign takeover", so did the solidarity movement struggle agianst the tenth plenary session's attempts to placate labor-union demands by introducing limited economic reforms. Her inside help in the form of Katherine's boyfreind (while she's devestated by her own partner's infidelity) reflects the difficulty many Poles faced internalizing the changes facing their society during the late 1980's

Ed Hardy, Jr. said...

Wow. Thanks to the author of this anonymous post for the insight into how "Working Girl" reflects the political situation in Poland at the time.